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Idea Toscana

Prima Spremitura Liquid Soap Refill 5L - Idea Toscana

Prima Spremitura Liquid Soap Refill 5L - Idea Toscana

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Constantly looking for increasingly safe and quality formulas, our laboratory has developed the new liquid soap formula. It is an oleic soap inspired by the Marseille tradition that cleanses the skin gently but deeply. Characterized by low foaming and the typical clean sensation of soap, it is enriched with Organic Tuscan IGP EVO oil and a natural mix of essential oils. Syndet-free, it respects the skin, leaving it soft and perfumed after each use

Thanks to the balanced formulation, combined with the use of Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP, this delicate liquid soap can be safely used several times throughout the day, guaranteeing maximum reliability and safety even on sensitive and irritated skin.
Used as a normal soap on the face, hands and body, it ensures optimal hygiene and an excellent protective action without altering the normal hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis.
Ideal for the hygiene of the whole family, it can also be used by the most sensitive subjects thanks to the use of only detergents of vegetable origin. The precious blend of natural essential oils gives a fresh and relaxing feeling of well-being.


Here are the advantages of the Idea Toscana courtesy line

    • It is the only true NATURAL courtesy line on the market
    • It contains one of the most noble and important active ingredients present in nature: Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • All ingredients are 100% organic and natural
    • It offers a different and unique room welcome to your guests
    • Fast shipping (48/72h)
    • It reflects the values ​​and quality of your establishment
    • Tailored orders according to your needs (no obligation to purchase packaging)

Finally, the courtesy line is no longer an obligation, but a real value that you can offer your guests.

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