Ambassador of Tuscany:

Antonio Pieri of Idea Toscana becomes ambassador of Tuscany.

in 2002 we created the Idea Toscana brand, the goal was already very clear
for us, we wanted to give everyone, in all the countries of the world,
the daily experience of self-care and well-being in the Tuscan way.
Our Vision is to share, through the use of our products,
the immense artistic, cultural, natural, food and wine heritage and
manufacturing left to us as a dowry by our enlightened predecessors,
producing natural and organic cosmetics for wellness according to the
highest manufacturing tradition in Tuscany"Idea Toscana is not alone
an idea, it's our life." We are the ambassadors of excellence
qualitative Tuscany in the world, our always striving for perfection is
an integral part of our DNA. Knowledge and flavours, perfumes and colours,
enchanting landscapes and excellent quality of life, these are the values ​​transmitted
from our products, quality is a choice…. quality! What is It's
Tuscany, the portal that puts Tuscany just a click away, with its
typical products, handicrafts, hotels and all the beauty of
territories rich in history, art and traditions: IT's Tuscany gives strength and
visibility to Tuscan companies in the world.

Certifications Natural Body Line "Prima Spremitura"

High level quality at a competitive price: an all NATURAL formula

The Natural Body Line has been produced with a natural formulation as required by current market trends. For this reason the products
they do not contain artificial colors and the formulation is based only on raw materials of natural origin:

  • Vegetable oils and extracts
  • Soaps and detergents of vegetable origin
  • Natural dyes and essential oils
  • Nature-identical preservatives
  • With “Toscano IGP” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming.


The Prima Spremitura Bio Face Line Certified Organic by NATRUE is consistent with the ORGANIC COSMETICS definition.

  • BIO cosmetic products are formulated only with natural raw materials and of natural origin;
  • 95% of the natural raw materials are certified organic;
  • NO GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms);
  • The perfume used is certified 100% natural;
  • With “Toscano IGP” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming.

Natrue Certification: Organic Cosmetics

Founded in 2007, NATRUE is an international non-profit association based in Brussels committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. The Natrue brand allows consumers to identify Natural and Organic Cosmetics of any kind. It is based on a strict certification criterion which can also be consulted online on the NATRUE website. Each product bearing the NATRUE brand has undergone a process
independent certification carried out by third parties. NATRUE certification: only natural raw materials, naturally derived and some equivalent to natural ones (natural-identical) , in compliance with the requirements set by the certification. In order to use the NATRUE trademark for finished cosmetic products, it is required that at least 75% of all individual products (in the sense of formulations) of a line of products attributable to the same brand (in the sense of a brand and communication of that brand) are certified as natural or organic cosmetics. This requirement does not
concerns cosmetic raw materials. The Natrue certification levels are 3:1. Natural Cosmetics: defines which ingredients are allowed and how they can be treated. Products belonging to the other two levels must first meet the criteria of this level. 2.Natural Cosmetics with organic portion: all the conditions listed above apply, but at least 70% of natural ingredients* must derive from controlled organic cultivation and/or from controlled spontaneous harvests. Compared to the first tier, high levels of natural ingredients and low levels of natural derived ingredients are required. 3.Organic Cosmetics: At least 95% of natural ingredients* deriving from controlled organic cultivation and/or controlled spontaneous harvests are added to both of the above conditions. Compared to the second tier, even higher levels of natural ingredients and lower levels of natural derived ingredients are required. * and/or natural derivatives, where applicable Based on current scientific knowledge, only a few specific products are able to reach this level. Achieve it represents
a real challenge for producers. We are therefore proud to say that the certification level we have obtained for our "Prima Spremitura Bio" face line is the highest, Organic Cosmetics: for some products we even exceed the minimum percentage required, (which is already very high, 95%) of natural ingredients!

Bio-organic certification: organic cosmetic

Control and certification body for Natural and Organic cosmetics. Quality products, respectful of health that ensure the return to authentic and effective cosmetics.

STANDARD FOR "BIO-ORGANIC" ORGANIC COSMETICS This standard requires that 95% of the ingredients are "natural" and "of natural origin". All “natural” ingredients must be certified organic according to EC Reg. 834/2007, NOP, JAS, IFOAM standards, etc. In
notwithstanding, 5% of such "natural" ingredients may not be certified organic.

By "natural" ingredients we mean substances obtained from natural raw materials such as cultivated or spontaneously harvested plant products, animal-derived products (such as from milk, honey, etc.) and minerals, manipulated only with physical processes (drying, mixing , maceration, etc.)

By ingredients "of natural origin" we mean substances always obtained from natural raw materials, as indicated above, which however can undergo, in addition to the physical processes, some chemical processes allowed.

PGI Protected Geographical Indication

The excellence of agri-food production is the result of a combination of human and environmental factors in a given territory.

Whoever produces PGI must comply with the selective established production rules
in the production specification. Compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific control body.

Control bodies authorized by the Ministry: *Biocert Italia: body of
control and certification, ICEA: Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification CCPB Srl: control and certification body
Soil and Health: control body association.

Consortium for the protection of Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees the authenticity of the oil

All Idea Toscana products are MADE IN TUSCANY

"Made in Tuscany" is a collective brand that brings together companies that can boast and guarantee that they carry out their activities in Tuscany.

The brand's mission is to protect and promote Tuscan products of excellence that the world still envies us against counterfeit products.

The brand is registered with the "Ministry of Wine Development" and has obtained the patronage of the Tuscany Region.

The Consortium for the protection of Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees the authenticity of the oil which, from the olive grove to the mill, up to bottling, must be produced within the territorial borders of Tuscany.

In addition to the origin, the Consortium guarantees the qualitative and organoleptic identity of the product.

The oil is also subjected to chemical and sensory tests to check complete compliance with the specification. The result is a 100% Tuscan oil.

Olio Toscano PGI also means typicality and a strong link with the territory, certified by the Community PGI brand (Protected Geographical Indication) and by strict production regulations.

Our Partners:

Our partners are important to us

years we have established and consolidated partnerships with important companies
to be able to offer a wide and high-quality choice on every type of