Who we are


We produce natural cosmetics for wellness according to the highest Tuscan manufacturing tradition


Give the daily experience of self-care and well-being in the Tuscan way, one of the best places in the world to decide to live.

Sharing, through the use of our products, the immense artistic, cultural, natural, food and wine and manufacturing heritage left us as a dowry by our enlightened predecessors.

Our history:

Natural cosmetics for your well-being

Tuscanyidea srl ​​was born in 2002, with the intention of producing and marketing Natural and Organic cosmetic products for personal use, gifts and decorative accessories for the home. The idea was to combine the pictorial, architectural and literary beauty of Tuscany with the world of handicraft production, which draws the enormous artistic heritage left on loan from our predecessors precisely from this region. The originality with which the Tuscan companies still produce today is to be considered unique in the world scene where everything tends to unify.

Each phase of the production process is carried out with craftsmanship and with attention to the smallest details. The style, the refinement, the care of these phases are the result of an obsessive search for quality present in the DNA of each operator in the various sectors.


The idea

Natural cosmetics for your well-being

The olive tree, the cypress and the vine are the most widespread plants in the Tuscan landscape: together with farmhouses and hills, they contribute to creating a unique man-nature union in the world. Especially the olive tree and the vine, thanks to the richness of their fruits and the millenary work of man, represent the cornerstones of the Tuscan rural economy, thus creating an exceptional balance between what is created by man and what which is natural.

Since time immemorial in Tuscany, after the harvest, the long stairs have been prepared which are used to collect ("burn") the olives by hand, to then place them in special wicker baskets and in a few hours take them to the mill. Here, with exclusively mechanical ("squeezing") and never chemical systems, the good Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born, green in color and fruity in flavour, with the characteristic aromas of artichoke, fennel, rocket and green leaf, very low acidity, rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, useful and easily metabolized by the human body, polyphenols and vitamin E.
The latter, thanks to their antioxidant action, effectively counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, primarily responsible for cellular and skin aging. The use of olive oil not only for food but also for cosmetics dates back to the origins of history. From the Egyptians to the Greeks, from the Etruscans to the Romans, up to the skilled Florentine traders who already supplied the first soap factories and apothecaries with oil in the fourteenth century, the exclusively Mediterranean tradition of the use of olive oil in cosmetics has been handed down until nowadays and since then it has been synonymous with quality.

Tuscanyidea, heir to the best Italian cosmetic tradition, wanted to pay homage to its territory through this noble and ancient friend of man with an entire line of hygiene and body care products, in order to allow everyone at all countries of the world to benefit daily from a real treasure that nature offers us.

The exclusive use of Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil totally guarantees the genuineness and only Tuscan origin of the precious raw material, subjected to rigorous and impartial controls according to the well-known Disciplinary strongly desired by the producers to protect their work and of consumer safety. According to these regulations, the term "Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil" becomes a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in accordance with the definition given in Article 44 of European Community Regulation No. 1151/2012.

The important moments that trace our growth Authorization by the MiPAAF

When in 2007 we started thinking about a high quality line that could identify Tuscany in the world, the choice of active ingredient was easy, in fact, for thousands of years all Mediterranean peoples have used the benefits of olive oil to beautify the body.

However, our analysis did not stop at this, so after a long and meticulous work on the formulations, in the same year we obtained from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies the AUTHORIZATION to put on the labels of our products the indication “with “TOSCANO IGP” EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. strongly desired by producers, to protect their work and consumer safety.

 Prima Spremitura  Esplora la linea cosmetica Prima Spremitura di Idea Toscana: I nostri prodotti con Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva "Toscano IGP".  Ingredienti naturali e biologici lavorano in armonia per offrire il massimo benessere alla tua pelle e a tutta la tua famiglia. Senti la delicatezza e l'efficacia dei segreti cosmetici della tradizione toscana sulla tua pelle.


In 2008 PRIMA SPREMITURA was created by Idea Toscana of which Il FORTE srl is the official distributor. It is the first Certified Cosmetic Line that respects the environment, the territory and health and that uses "Toscano IGP" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, supported by the authorization of the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil (IGP) which has consented to the change of intended use: from exclusively food raw material to cosmetic raw material.

Nel Febbraio del 2010 il Ministero rilascia ulteriore AUTORIZZAZIONE ad apporre sulle nostre etichette la dicitura con OLIO EXTRA VERGINE di OLIVA “TOSCANO IGP” BIOLOGICO....Successivamente abbiamo sottoposto l'intera linea cosmetica e la relativa comunicazione al consumatore al Consorzio per la Tutela dell'Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Toscano, la quale ha favorevolmente accolto la nostra iniziativa.Dall'anno 2012 abbiamo iniziato a produrre un'intera Linea Viso, dando vita a PRIMA SPREMITURA BIO , la prima linea cosmetica italiana Certificata Biologica da Natrue che è coerente con la definizione ORGANIC COSMETICS.Idea Toscana è anche PRIMA FIORITURA, la linea alla rosa che abbiamo lanciato a maggio 2018, dedicata sempre al benessere di labbra, mani e viso che contengono nella formulazione estratti biologici di rosa canina e rosa damascena, che, unite alla miscela di oli e burri vegetali, restituiscono tono e luminosità a tutti i tipi di pelle.Nel giugno 2019 abbiamo presentato una nuova linea di shampoo e bagnoschiuma al succo d'uva biologico, BIO LE VENERI , dalle proprietà rigeneranti, nutrienti, antiossidanti ed idratanti. Certified organic products with the performance of a conventional product. Bio le Veneri line of organic detergents certified by Natrue with the highest level of Organic certification - ORGANIC COSMETICS.

A solid group behind it

Tuscanyidea Srl is part of the "Ludovico Martelli srl" group which is one of the most important manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products in Italy and has more than 100 years of commercial and production activity. It was founded in 1908 and this is synonymous with guarantee, effectiveness and seriousness of both the activity and the safety of the formulations. The company is a member of UNIPRO (National Union of Perfume Manufacturers).

More and more attention to quality and guarantee

Over the years, the great attention of "Ludovico Martelli srl" in production processes and quality control, has allowed to obtain certification in compliance with the standards: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, certificate number IT04/0845. The Research and Development laboratory is certified by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research -Department of Education, University and Research-).

Our philosophy:

"Idea Toscana is not just an idea, it is our life"

We are the ambassadors of Tuscan qualitative excellence in the world, our always striving for perfection is an integral part of our DNA.

Knowledge and flavours, scents and colours, enchanting landscapes and excellent quality of life, these are the values ​​transmitted by our products.

How we work:

"For you, the highest quality"

Our competitors use various types of vegetable oils including olive oil. The oils chosen and used are often refined products, manipulated, treated on a chemical-physical level to improve their odour, transparency and stability. In this way some properties of the native oils are often lost: by refining and purifying the vegetable oils can be depleted of functional and beneficial components for the skin.
The formulations of the Prima Spremitura line comply with the production regulations imposed by the Consortium for the Protection of "Toscano IGP" Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the natural raw material chosen, the Organic "Toscano IGP" Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is not "processed" in no way, it is used as it comes from the mills; after adequate control and certification, the IGP oil is added to the formulations directly from the original packaging (5-litre cans), at the end of the production process, after having allowed the formulation to "cool" by bringing it to room temperature, just as required by the Regulations.
In doing so, all the benefits that this precious active ingredient contains are transferred to the skin to nourish and hydrate the epidermis, creating natural beauty products.

The dosage of Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is calibrated according to the type and functionality of the cosmetic formulation, so as not to leave any residue of greasiness, especially bearing in mind that the oil used is a native oil, extremely rich , compared to other vegetable oils used in cosmetics, of active ingredients, precious for the skin.

For this reason, the dosages of oil in cosmetic formulations do not necessarily have to be high: the raw material used is in fact of high quality and functional power.

Ethical principles:

"Ours are real high quality Natural Cosmetics"



Products with ORGANIC “TOSCANO IGP” EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL in any way manipulated or transformed as per Ministerial Authorization.

Active principles:

The Efficacy of Natural Active Principles

In nature, plants are the main "producers" of active ingredients as they are the only ones to supply living beings with organic matter and oxygen, using only the sun, water and minerals present in the soil.

In our natural products you can find active ingredients with emollient and soothing, toning, elasticizing, antioxidant properties...