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Idea Toscana

CITRUS Home Fragrance Refill - Idea Toscana

CITRUS Home Fragrance Refill - Idea Toscana

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Convenient refill for CITRUS air freshener: Natural essential oils, dosed according to the most refined aromatherapy techniques, will make your rooms vital and harmonious.
The precious blend of Essential Oils present in Idea Toscana air fresheners creates a warm atmosphere of both physical and emotional well-being, giving unique sensations.

Olfactory Notes: initially the cheerful fizz of citrus fruits is released, where orange, lemon and bergamot stand out. In the heart of the fragrance, aromatic notes of fragrant lavender and a fleeting floral mix of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang persist.

Purchasing a refill for Citrus diffusers from Idea Toscana allows you to use your favorite room perfume bottle, to personalize your spaces as much as possible. Furthermore, the refill for Citrus air fresheners by Idea Toscana is also recommended as a form of savings and respect for the environment because it is made of completely recycled plastic

Atmosphere: The Citrus diffuser refill by Idea Toscana with wooden sticks reminiscent of incense, give the environment an atmosphere: lively, energising, stimulating and dynamic.

Area: The citrus scent stimulates good mood and improves concentration for this reason we recommend placing it in study or work areas.


You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by turning all or just some of the sticks provided, one or more times a day: by turning them all and often, you will obtain a more intense fragrance.

The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the room in which it is located, the temperature, direct sunlight and air currents which can accelerate evaporation.
Follow these tips to make it last longer:
- When purchasing the diffuser, immediately combine a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you can keep the liquid level always high, preventing the amount of oxygen in the bottle from speeding up evaporation too much.
- Place the fragrance as far as possible from sources of heat and drafts.
- Choose the bottle size most proportionate to the area you wish to perfume.

For a good diffusion of the fragrance we recommend:

  • for rooms from 5 to 10 m2 1 bottle of ml.100
  • for rooms from 10 to 20 m2 2 bottles of 100 ml
  • for rooms from 20 to 30 m2 1 bottle of ml.250
  • for rooms from 30 to 50 m2 2 bottles of ml.250
  • for large rooms over 50 m2 1 2.5 liter bottle
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