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Idea Toscana

ROSE Room Fragrance Spray - Idea Toscana

ROSE Room Fragrance Spray - Idea Toscana

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Idea Toscana's Room Fragrance Spray with essential oils packaged in completely recycled plastic bottles allow us to choose the favorite room perfume fragrance that best matches the style of our home.

Olfactory notes: The Rose fragrance gradually unfolds, filling the space with pleasant sensations and romantic, elegant notes. The natural scent is characterized by a blend of floral and fresh notes of Turkish rose, geranium leaves, and subtle fruity hints of melon. At the heart of the composition emerges the sweetness of chamomile and hyacinth flowers, intensified by a hint of wildflower honey and delicate spicy traces of cinnamon.

Atmosphere: The Idea Toscana Rose Room Fragrance Spray is ideal for welcoming and relaxing.

Area: We recommend spraying the fragrance in the bedroom, living room, children's area, and entrance.

Content: 100 ml

The ROSE room fragrance eliminates any unpleasant odors such as smoke, dog, or other pet smells.

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