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Idea Toscana

Blend of Natural Essential Oils CITRUS - Idea Toscana

Blend of Natural Essential Oils CITRUS - Idea Toscana

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Thanks to the blend of Idea Toscana essential oils, we can create an atmosphere in our dear environment that fits our personality, act on our mood and diffuse our favorite fragrance in the environment in which we live or work.
Idea Toscana Citrus Essential Oils are composed of a blend dosed according to the most refined aromatherapy techniques and make environments vital and harmonious.

Olfactory notes: Their fragrance releases the cheerful citrus sparkle, where orange, lemon and bergamot stand out combined with aromatic notes of fragrant lavender and a fleeting floral mix of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Atmosphere: The blend of CITRUS essential oils creates a lively, energising, stimulating and dynamic environment, spreading joy, liveliness and the typical values ​​of Tuscan hospitality in the environment.

Area: The citrus scent stimulates good mood and improves concentration, for this reason we recommend placing it in study or work areas.

Contents: 10ml

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