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Idea Toscana

Mini Pet with Face Masks - Idea Toscana

Mini Pet with Face Masks - Idea Toscana

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The perfect packaging for Princess skin.

Pamper yourself with these mask tablets to be used together with the Rebalancing Tonic , for illuminated, purified and hydrated skin.

Product use:

1. Gently remove the plastic around the tablet

2. Pour 15 ml of Illuminating Rebalancing Tonic or Prima Spremitura Bio Micellar Water into the measuring cup

3. Dip the tablet into the measuring cup

4. Remove the tablet from the measuring cup and put it back upside down, so that the other side is also wet

5. Pour everything into a bowl and wait for the Tonic or Water to be absorbed

6. Gently unfold the mask and apply it to the face for a maximum of 3/5 minutes

Mini Pet containing 10 face masks. Measurements: ø 5, h 4.5 cm

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