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Idea Toscana

Organic Oil Gift Box - Idea Toscana

Organic Oil Gift Box - Idea Toscana

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This gift box represents the harmony between Tuscany, nature and organic luxury. The Tuscan organic extra virgin olive oil products offer an authentic wellness experience, nourishing and regenerating the skin. Explore natural beauty with gift wrapping that pampers you and makes you feel luxuriously good.

Organic Oil Gift Box is composed of:

  • Before Squeezing Shampoo 50 ml,
  • Prima Spremitura shower gel 50 ml,
  • Prima Spremitura body cream 50 ml,
  • Prima Spremitura restructuring conditioner 50 g
  • Prima Spremitura hand cream 30 ml
  • Box in easily recyclable unprocessed paper 17x5.5x11.6 cm
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