PRIMO SOFFIO: Il profumo da uomo secondo Idea Toscana

PRIMO SOFFIO: The men's perfume according to Idea Toscana

Welcome to the new world of Primo Soffio , make yourself comfortable and let yourself be taken on a journey with an all-Tuscan scent. Just spray our new men's perfume to be immediately transported by an elegant, refined and aromatic Tuscan breeze , which will take you to know the sincere blue of the splendid sea of ​​our Archipelago, the vivid and vibrant green of our Cypresses, Olives and Maritime Pines.

There are men's perfumes capable of conquering and convincing you, then if these men's perfumes are born from the meeting of a company with decades of experience in the field of cosmetics and the captivating aromas of a region like ours, then men's perfumes are stronger than a glance or a thousand words ... and there is no way out.

Men, like women or maybe even more, love the best perfumes for men . They love to wear perfume and be recognized by the pleasant trail that remains in the air as if to mark their unique and unmistakable passage. Perfumes for men have always been considered an instrument of charm and seduction, they arouse strong emotions and recall pleasant moments involving not only the sense of smell but all five senses.
The best men's perfumes ever are the ones that remain, not only in terms of olfactory persistence but also in the imagination of men and, nevertheless, of women, and on this point our men's eau de toilette does not go unnoticed.

In fact, Primo Soffio, with its citrus and green top notes that flow into the aromatic and fresh tones of marine notes on a base of musk and Mediterranean woods, leaves a fresh and intriguing feeling of freedom on man.

So the Primo Soffio men's perfume, a completely new olfactory experience, makes its way into the assortment of Idea Toscana products: young and fresh, it allows everyone to best express their own style.

The new men's line with its fresh, marine and floral notes will be able to immerse you even more deeply in the wonderful Tuscan world.

The best men's perfumes or better yet the best men's perfume according to women, is usually among the best-selling men's perfumes; others also called niche perfumes, are men's fragrances that are not always easy to wear.

Our new fragrance will win you over, and a perfume is definitely a gift idea for him that can't be missing from your gift list: try it!

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