Il regalo di Natale perfetto: ecologico e naturale firmato Idea Toscana

The perfect Christmas gift: ecological and natural by Idea Toscana

How many times do you find yourself choosing Christmas presents too late because you don't know what to do or you didn't have time?

Sometimes, the moment of choosing the right gift for someone you love is really stressful and tiring, and you often feel guilty because you haven't chosen a useful and quality product. That's why we thought we'd guide you in your choice and explain how we thought about it new Christmas collection 2021 .

Like all businesses, we too have started thinking about Christmas in advance, but only now do we believe it's the right time to give you useful advice on your gifts.


Christmas gift ideas A Christmas gift that's good for the environment We are working harder and harder to make our packaging environmentally friendly.

The theme of eco-sustainability it is entering people's hearts, almost as much as the desire to find organic and natural products that are good for the whole family.

This year, therefore, we have thought big: many packages are made of recycled paper , and the "plastic" that makes the products visible is simply Compostable PLA , which you can throw away without the fear of polluting the environment.

So we created the perfect Christmas gift for organic lovers and for those who want to make an eco-sustainable and refined gift.

The smaller gift boxes, on the other hand, are made of cotton and linen to give a small gift of great quality.


Christmas gift ideas

SOS as a gift to colleagues and distant relatives: don't worry, Idea Toscana will take care of it!

You want to spend little, we know, but you want to give something different and above all useful: the classic socks and boxes of chocolates have officially gone out of fashion.

We have created small packages that contain the elegance and quality of our lines, such as the cork bags with Christmas decorations, ideal as a gift for work colleagues and friends, which contain a hand and nail cream and a bar of Marseille soap.

Are you looking for a unique and cheap idea to impress your guests?

Use our ecru cotton fabric bags as placeholders, to give a lovely bar of Marseille soap to all your party guests!

And to be even more daring, here is all the magic and anticipation of Christmas in a sweet Santa Claus-shaped case, perfect as a decoration under the tree to make the little ones laugh and to give a kit of mini-size products from the Prima Spremitura Line to those who love to travel without giving up organic and quality products.

The kit contains a shower gel and a moisturizing fluid cream, a shampoo and a hair conditioner and a 30ml Marseille soap.

Finally, if we still haven't convinced you, look at how refined these are small packs in recycled cardboard with a gold bow on the laid table: your guests will be amazed!

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