Benvenuta Primavera: Scopri la nuova collezione di cosmetici biologici naturali

Welcome Spring: Discover the new collection of natural organic cosmetics

The time we all look forward to after winter has finally arrived: the sun is starting to warm us up and the days are getting longer.
It's the perfect time to organize that Saturday out with friends and go to that restaurant you love in the Tuscan hamlet that you haven't seen in a long time!

There our new collection it contains those magical moments that you will soon experience, reminding you of the beauty and smells of nature in the flowering period.

In the last two years we have forgotten how nice it is to be together on a Sunday afternoon with friends, in the tranquility of doing nothing. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not allowed us to enjoy the simplest moments.
The time has come to leave together, take advantage of small moments and remember to surprise friends and family with unexpected attention.

This is how it was born spring collection , designed to tell you what our products contain: naturalness, genuineness, Tuscan character and quality. We present you a fresh and sunny collection, created through the excitement of spring kits, in line with the new season.

All Idea Toscana gift bags and packages contain the unique power of Prima Spremitura line , in minisize formats with 100% Made in Tuscany ingredients: Marseille soap, normalizing shampoo, restructuring conditioner, moisturizing shower gel and hand cream are the protagonists of this collection.

Spring brings with it the desire for a weekend away from home: the small formats allow you to take them on trips with you for your romantic getaway or a weekend with friends. Some packs are perfect to accompany a train ticket, an unexpected gift or a trip to the beach!

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