ECCO A VOI IL SEGRETO di un'antica ricetta per un filtro d'amore

HERE IS THE SECRET of an ancient recipe for a love potion


To celebrate Valentine's Day we decided to share a family secret found years ago in a mysterious book in our attic. Among the cracks of time in our hands we had the ancient recipe for a love potion. We have tried more than once to prepare this magic potion and, after some failures and a lot of effort, we have found two methods to create Cupid's filter!


To prepare the love potion you will need:

  1. A liter of pure mountain water

  2. An aloe vera leaf more than a meter long

  3. 5 orange blossoms taken from a bride's bouquet

  4. 1 organic lemon zest

  5. Fresh Tuscan olive leaves picked at sunrise

  6. Three grains of coarse salt


Take the aloe vera leaf and pour the gel into a container containing both the fresh Tuscan olive leaves and the salt. While waiting for the salt to dissolve, boil the orange blossoms in pure water together with the organic lemon zest. When half of the water has evaporated, add the aloe vera mixture with salt and olive leaves to the pot. Boil for another 10 minutes and then leave the pot to cool on the terrace. After midnight, filter the water with a pure cotton cloth and voilà, the recipe is ready!

The second method is much simpler: do you know why? We have already prepared it!

We have skilfully distilled the extracts of organic aloe vera, orange blossom, lemon peel and Tuscan olive leaves. With a lot of patience and a little luck we managed to create a magical water that, used every day, will make you all fall in love: our Micellar Water! And you know what makes it even more awesome? It is certified Organic Cosmetics by NATRUE!

If you want to get drunk on Valentine's Day, use the elixir too and, if you go for a romantic dinner with your love, you will have Cupid on your side!

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