Dieci consigli contro le rughe del contorno labbra

Ten tips against wrinkles around the lips

ten tips against lip contour wrinkles

What if I told you that there is no miracle lip cream that - PUFF! - erases wrinkles? Expression lines around the mouth are furrows of time that indelibly mark our face. In America, they are even called barcodes , i.e. "barcodes", precisely because they resemble the vertical lines on products.

If you want to avoid having to fight against such an obvious sign of the passage of time, I advise you not to wait: prevention is the best anti-wrinkle cream there is! It is important to remember that healthy, fresh and youthful skin is nourished both from the outside, with the wise use of good natural creams and cleansers, and from the inside, with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

But how do you avoid having the lip contour so marked? I have been working in the field of cosmetics and body care for many years: I decided to write you all my little tricks to prevent a wrinkled mouth!

Lip wrinkles

  • SOS Dry Skin: If you have dry skin you need to be more careful: wrinkles will come sooner for you. I always advise my clients to get light compresses of lip contour cream / night cream twice a week to nourish the skin and smooth it out.
  • Mustache Waxing: Those little mustaches around the lips are the enemies of beauty and I can understand that waxing is the fastest way to get rid of stubble in one fell swoop. I recommend, as soon as you can, feed the weak skin with a good layer of natural cream to make the skin absorb all the necessary nutrients.
  • Always remove make-up: While you sleep, your skin breathes and regenerates during the night... a good micellar water of natural or organic origin is the best way to erase the layer of make-up and smog and clean up the pores before going to sleep.
  • O to A Facial Exercises: While sitting at work or resting at home open your mouth as if you were to say an “O” and then open it even wider as if to say “A”. Do this exercise continuously for 5 minutes, every day
  • Tobacco: Smoking is not only extremely harmful to the lungs, but also to the skin: they deprive it of luminosity, weaken it and age it prematurely.
  • O Sole Mio: Every time I go to the beach I want to ensure a uniform and intense tan but it's important to use a SPF 50 sunscreen to prevent wrinkles all over the face and, moreover, dark spots!
  • BIO Lip Contour!: Of course a little help from true certified natural cosmetics is always welcome. I recommend: always read the INCI (ingredients) of the creams and get to know who certifies the BIO you use.
  • Never Too Much Hyaluronic Acid: A piece of advice: hyaluronic acid is a good skin energizer that manages to stretch and relax it... but don't trust "miraculous" creams , an excellent cream does not have a large amount of hyaluronic acid in the INCI because, beyond a certain quantity, it is useless!
  • Lip Scrub A light lip scrub will remove dead skin cells and clogged pores around the lips, preventing thickening of the skin and delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

My favorite trick:

  • Always smile :) Smile when you can! It's true that expression lines are very marked and common on all of our faces... but we can't even think of living our lives enslaved to the fight against wrinkles. Laughing is good for you and do it as much as you can!

These are my wellness tips that I've learned to apply to my routine over time: a healthy life for very healthy skin! And you? Do you have any advice to confide in me? Write it in the comments!

Till the next bio discovery...

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