CURA DEL VISO: routine di bellezza e consigli di benessere al naturale con i burri Idea Toscana

FACE CARE: natural beauty routine and wellness tips with Idea Toscana butters

It is very difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, especially if the product range is wide and there is confusion about what to choose and what is right for you.

The coldest days of the year have now arrived, and the most exposed parts of the body - i.e. hands and face - are the ones that suffer the most. We therefore dedicate this month to the section face butters and at hand creams . Let's find out together what it is, because we are talking about very different products.

We recommend natural and organic products , because your well-being and that of the people around you is important to us, which is why all our lines are free from chemical agents, which contribute to damaging the skin and increasing its problems.

The right treatment for lip care: scrub, mask, butter

best natural rose face butters Prima Fioritura Idea Toscana

Not everyone knows that scrubs it is not done only in the shower and only on the body.

To delete all those dead cuticles annoying from the lips that form due to the cold we have created a unique and infallible product: ours lip butter scrub to recreate the exfoliation thanks to the action of the granules contained in the product and hydrate through the real function of the butter.

Then, once the scrub is done, apply the lip mask that creates a thin layer of protection.

For every day instead we recommend the use of a lip butter . In this case we wanted to go beyond the notion of "cocoa butter" because our lip butters are created with the cocoa butter , but not only: they contain millions of other properties and nutrients selected with the aim of giving a true natural well-being to the person.

The choice can be made on two lip butters according to the preferred taste: Prima Spremitura lip butter with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil o Prima Fioritura lip butter with Rose essence.

Natural lip butter, cocoa butter, best lip butters. Best cosmetics against chapped lips

Face care: a butter better than a cream

This product contains a precious 50 ml formulation that recreates the pure and natural well-being of a butter , perfect for all skin types. Thanks to the high percentage of precious oils, it deeply nourishes, restoring a natural glow to the face and neck. And not only that: the smell of rose is perfect on the skin as a natural perfume!

The neck and décolleté face butter it also contains a precious ingredient: hyaluronic acid, which makes it possible to reduce the signs of aging and preserve the beauty of the face in a natural way.

Check out all the other butters on our site , read more about power of nature under each product to discover all the natural ingredients within the Idea Toscana lines.

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