Come preparare la pelle al sole: tutti i nostri consigli

How to prepare your skin for the sun: all our advice

In June, Idea Toscana experts receive only one question: how do you prepare your skin for the sun using natural products?

Surely you feel like putting on shorts, flip flops and running to the sea! However, if your goal is to get a healthy, golden color quickly, a nasty sunburn isn't the right solution: on the contrary, you risk having the opposite effect, peeling your skin or even filling you with sunspots.

To get a healthy tan, the only way is to prepare your skin for the sun with the right advice. Here's a quick guide for summer!

First, the secret to a perfect tan is the gradualness to sun exposure , the right protection on the skin it's a proper hydration .

The second tip is to carry out exfoliating treatments on a regular basis , to eliminate dead cells and regenerate the skin.

How to scrub with natural products

But what what is scrub? The scrub is an exfoliating treatment that helps open the pores and renew the superficial skin layer.

This treatment is indicated for the rougher areas of our body where the skin is more thickened, such as elbows, knees, heels; but it's actually a useful practice to do in the shower on a regular basis.

The scrub also allows you to avoid annoying ingrown hairs and to favor the absorption of body care products that will help you even more to make your skin luminous and hydrated.

Making a scrub with natural products is possible, especially with Idea Toscana

Idea Toscana natural exfoliator

Use the Idea Toscana exfoliating body sponge : thanks to the presence of micronized olive pits, the First Spremitura Exfoliating Body Sponge counteracts the phenomena of thickening, aging and tonelessness of the skin. By using it regularly in the shower, your skin will regain its natural luminosity and softness.

You can use it in combination with two products:

Idea Toscana natural exfoliator

bubble bath : apply 2 or 3 doses of shower gel on the Idea Toscana exfoliating body sponge, perform a circular movement and enjoy the sensation of well-being all over the body

Idea Toscana natural exfoliator

Marseille soap : with the help of a small knife, cut out 2 flakes of product and soften them slightly under warm water. You can apply the result directly on the skin or with the help of a massage performed with the exfoliating sponge. In fact, with this sponge you will create a perfect and natural peeling to be repeated once a week to promote microcirculation, thus helping the skin of the whole body and eliminating dead cells!

What not to do before exposing yourself to the sun?

Idea Toscana natural exfoliator

Not everyone knows that...

  1. Perfume, deodorants or chemical fragrances contain alcohol and are therefore photosensitive! Avoid applying these products before exposing yourself to the sun, to avoid sun spots and rashes.
  2. Avoid tan accelerators or creams with little protective filter. The first exposures to the sun are the most dangerous, because the skin is no longer used to it and needs to gradually, so we recommend the use of a 50+ cream to have as much protection as possible. When, on the other hand, the melanin naturally produced by your body has reached an optimal level, you can decrease (slightly) the degree of protection of the sunscreens you use.

Cosmetic products to take on the go: the essentials

When we travel often, due to the limited space in our suitcases, we give up carrying the products we use every day at home, making do with the products we find in the bathrooms of the hotels that host us.

Idea Toscana natural exfoliator

However, when you are used to using natural and organic products it is difficult to go back using conventional products! This is the reason why Idea Toscana has created products in mini-size format and in 100 ml , both perfect to be carried in hand luggage.

The Prima Spremitura moisturizing shower gel gives nourishment, elasticity, and soothes the skin thanks to the Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil inside. This product in the 100ml format in recycled plastic it's perfect for long trips with friends, so you don't give up the well-being and quality that your skin deserves even when you're not at home.

A real sensory and olfactory experience in the shower: the fresh blend of natural Essential Oils amplifies the feeling of well-being, while its formula transforms the simple shower ritual into a moment of complete well-being and refreshment.

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