Come fare la beauty routine viso Idea Toscana serale

How to do the Idea Toscana evening beauty face routine

Have you read the article on how to do your face beauty routine in the morning?

A face beauty routine carried out in the right way serves to keep the skin clean and hydrated in the most natural way possible both in the morning and before going to sleep.
Now let's see the steps to follow to create an evening beauty routine. These steps are essential to eliminate dirt residues that have accumulated on the face during the day.

Best organic natural micellar water idea Toscana

1. Make-up remover action: You probably already know micellar water as a product, but you must know that the organic micellar water with olive leaf extracts and that to the rose extracts they are two different products from all the micellar waters on the market. In fact, the two micellar waters of Idea Toscana have a secret ingredient: the powerful Organic Aloe Vera Juice , which gives the face a feeling of freshness and natural cleanliness.
Micellar water with rose extracts it is more softening and delicate, while the Organic Micellar Water with olive leaf extracts it is more intense and performing, more suitable for more mature skins. The characteristic color of the latter distinguishes it and makes it unique among all micellar waters. Plus, you can finally avoid rinsing the face after using the product because both micellar waters from Idea Toscana they do not contain soap and maintain the moisturizing action of Aloe Vera juice on the skin for a long time. You can finally remove make-up sitting in bed before going to sleep and leave your micellar water near you ready to use!

How to use micellar water?

Try applying 2 or 3 drops of organic micellar water on a Olive oil pad to create an even more effective and emollient action during the make up remover. In fact, the oil contained inside the sponge makes the daily gesture of removing impurities such as smog and stubborn make-up from the face pleasant, in combination with the use of Prima Spremitura BIO micellar water or First Bloom .

Furthermore, by choosing this reusable olive oil sponge (just wash it well with cold water and let it dry!) ​​you will reduce the use of make-up remover pads that pollute the environment.

Idea Toscana organic tonic

2. Toning: tonic is never missing in an effective face beauty routine. It's a product that should be used daily by each of us, which has the function of giving a more energetic look to the face. The Prima Spremitura BIO rebalancing and illuminating tonic with olive leaf extracts it gives natural light to the face and a fresh and vitalized tone, it is also suitable for all skin types.

How to apply the tonic?

Tap two drops of tonic on your face with your fingers to stimulate microcirculation and promote the action of the product on the skin. Insist under the eyelids and around the eyes, massaging and tapping until completely absorbed.

3. Eye and lip contour: There Prima Spremitura BIO eye and lip contour cream produces a tightening and smoothing effect on the skin, reduces wrinkles that form around the lips and bags under the eyes, thanks to the action of Hyaluronic Acid , Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegetable Squalane and Organic Shea Butter. These last three ingredients deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, giving it a luminous and natural look.

Non-woven face masks

4. Face mask: once a week, pamper yourself a little more: use one tablet face mask , which does not take up space, allowing you to take the product wherever you want, even on vacation!

You can use there Idea Toscana Face Mask to brighten and purify your skin even more.

How to use the face mask

How to use the face mask?

  1. Pour 10 ml of micellar water with olive leaf extracts or rose extracts into a glass
  2. Dip the compressed face mask in the product (after having freed it from the thin layer of cellophane)
  3. Wait a minute and gently take the mask, which in the meantime will have inflated to form a cylinder
  4. Gently unfold the mask and apply it to your face for 20 minutes of well-being and relaxation.

Idea Toscana organic night cream

5. Hydration: Apply La Nourishing Face Cream Night Before Spremitura BIO and the Prima Spremitura Bio Anti-aging Moisturizing Face Cream. The latter is recommended from 35 years of age to counteract skin aging and reduce the appearance of the first signs of age.

Both creams are organic, created specifically to hydrate the skin and give it elasticity, thanks to the presence of Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP which guarantees the emollient, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of these two organic and natural creams.

Don't be afraid to apply the two creams in synergy: in fact, all the products in this organic and natural face line can be superimposed on each other, amplifying the well-being on the skin and the actions deriving from their active ingredients.

Idea Toscana organic anti-aging cream

6. Nourishment : Now use a night cream for an even more nourishing action. There Nourishing Face Cream Night Before Spremitura BIO it has been formulated to carry out a specific action on the skin during night rest, a time in which our body is more predisposed to absorbing its beneficial effects.

During the night, in fact, our skin is much more receptive: the life cycle of the cells increases tenfold during the night, precisely because the skin is not in contact with UV rays, smog, dust and all the pollutants that deposit on it, thus promoting faster cell renewal.

All the products we have recommended in this face beauty routine are part of one face line specific, created with selected and totally natural active ingredients.

Do face creams often stain your bed covers? This organic cream moisturizes and nourishes without greasing, allowing you to sleep peacefully without fear of staining pillows and sheets.

There Prima Spremitura BIO Face Line , in fact, has the Organic certification of the largest international body "NATRUE", association founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics all over the world. Every product bearing the NATRUE mark has undergone an independent third-party certification process. There are three levels of NATRUE certification and it is required that at least 75% of the ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and/or controlled spontaneous harvests

The Prima Spremitura BIO Face Line contains a percentage of 95%: In Italy, we are the only company to possess this high percentage and the highest level of NATRUE certification.

Using organic cosmetics for the well-being of your skin means being aware of your choices, and this makes our customers unique in the world.

Logo certification Natrue organic cosmetics Idea Toscana

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