Come fare la beauty routine viso Idea Toscana al mattino

How to do the Idea Toscana face beauty routine in the morning

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Are you afraid you won't be able to have the time to carry out an effective face beauty routine? The secret is not quantity, but quality!

Follow these tips from Idea Toscana to recreate the right steps of an effective facial beauty routine with natural products and certified organic .

In fact, a face beauty routine carried out in the right way serves to keep the skin clean and hydrated in the most natural way possible, using a few essential and quality products. To do this, the best choice can only be to use natural and organic (but above all, certified) cosmetic products.

A quality product stands out for its active ingredients and its results, so a right face beauty routine will help you understand if you are using products that are suitable for your skin.

If the skin on your face feels dry and irritated – despite using "moisturizing" products every day – it probably means that the cosmetics you are using are not suitable for you. But above all, it means that it's time to switch to using effective organic products and to recreate a correct facial beauty routine.

How to do the face beauty routine

Smear face cream various skin types

By following these steps you will recreate a real routine to be performed morning and evening to obtain effective results on the face. Remember: it's not important to use a lot of cosmetics, but rather choose a few and quality .

Here are all the steps of a beauty routine to perform in the morning:

1. Washing : With morning cleansing you prepare your skin to absorb the active ingredients contained in the creams and enhance their effect.

Idea Toscana organic tonic

2. Toning : Use a toner to tone and brighten the skin. The Prima Spremitura BIO rebalancing and illuminating tonic it has precisely these two functions: thanks to the presence of olive leaf extracts – which possess a strong polyphenolic charge  this product helps to prepare the skin of the face to receive the benefits deriving from organic and natural face creams that you will apply later during your face beauty routine.

Idea Toscana organic eye contour cream

3. Contour application : every part of the face needs care and attention, so you can't forget to apply a specific cosmetic product for the eye and lip contour. There Prima Spremitura BIO eye and lip contour cream produces a tensor and smoothing effect on the skin, reduces wrinkles that form around the lips and reduces bags under the eyes thanks to the action of Hyaluronic Acid (which we will talk about shortly), giving a pleasant sense of well-being. Thanks to the presence of Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegetable Squalane and Organic Shea Butter, the skin is deeply nourished and hydrated.

Idea Toscana organic moisturizer

4. Hydration: Apply a moisturizing face cream to protect your skin from the environmental stresses you'll be exposing yourself to throughout the day. There Prima Spremitura BIO moisturizing face cream is a product that we recommend for younger skins (up to 35 years), thanks to its Vegetable and Organic formulation enriched by the presence of Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP and Organic Aloe Vera Juice. The union of these two active ingredients gives a relaxed and luminous appearance to the face.

Idea Toscana organic anti-aging cream

5. Definition: If you need to redefine the contours of your face, use an anti-aging face cream instead of a normal day cream. There Prima Spremitura BIO anti-aging moisturizing cream in fact, it aims to counteract the appearance of wrinkles from 35 years of age, thanks to the power of Hyaluronic Acid.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

hyaluronic acid molecule naturally produced by the tissues

You must know that hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in the connective tissues of human beings, which has the task of giving the skin elasticity and maintaining its tone. In fact, from the age of 35 onwards, the first wrinkles appear on the face because the body stops producing hyaluronic acid on its own.
Its lack of production can only lead to a weakening of the connective tissue, promoting the formation of blemishes and small wrinkles.
With age, therefore, it is important to use specific cosmetic products that contain hyaluronic acid , to counteract skin aging.

There organic and natural anti-aging cream by Idea Toscana not only contains hyaluronic acid, but is enriched by the power of active, natural and organic ingredients that help to obtain an even more evident face definition effect, such as Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter and of course Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All the products we have recommended in this face beauty routine are part of one specific face line, created with selected and totally natural active ingredients .

There Prima Spremitura BIO Face Line , in fact, has the Organic certification of the international certifying body "NATRUE", an association founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics all over the world. Every product bearing the NATRUE mark has undergone an independent third-party certification process. There are three levels of NATRUE certification and it is required that at least 75% of the ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and/or controlled spontaneous harvests.

The Prima Spremitura BIO Face Line contains a percentage of 95%: In Italy, we are the only company to possess this high percentage and the highest level of NATRUE certification.

Using organic cosmetics for the well-being of your skin means being aware of your choices, and this makes our customers unique in the world.

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