Fundamental rules for skin that is always young

6 and no more than 6. Regularly using natural cosmetic products that deeply moisturize and nourish our skin is certainly an excellent start. Drinking a lot and leading a healthy lifestyle will help you make your smile flourish again.

Take a deep breath. We only use 60% of our lung capacity when we breathe. Pranayama teaches how to improve it: «Counting to three, inhale by inflating first the abdomen, then the chest, collarbones and shoulders. Hold your breath for a count of 12 and finally exhale for a count of 6. Repeated seven times every day, this technique ensures re-oxygenation to the cells of the epidermis.

Walk 30 minutes a day. It is the best gymnastic exercise not only for the figure, but also for the skin, which is re-oxygenated and regains its shine. On the other hand, racing in adverse climatic conditions (sun, cold, wind) should be avoided: excessive physical effort increases the production of free radicals.

Use a night cream with extra virgin olive oil . There is nothing better than oil to nourish the skin. The extra virgin olive oil has nourishing, toning and elasticising properties, it also improves luminosity and increases the resistance of the epidermis to the attack of free radicals.

Exfoliate your skin once a week. Over time the pores dilate and the skin loses tone, even more so if clogged with sebum or makeup residue. To prevent it, it is necessary to make an exfoliating face scrub using sponges capable of removing excess dead cells. The complexion will be visibly smoother and brighter.

Forget the junk food . Foods rich in sugars increase the phenomenon of glycation, which destroys collagen and elastin, essential for toned and elastic skin. The list of foods to avoid is now known to all. Primarily french fries, but also pizzas, focaccia, hamburgers and snacks.

Practicing mental botox. Take 5 minutes for your beauty every day. Create a noise-free environment, close your eyes, visualize all the muscles in your face and imagine stretching them one after the other until you feel completely relaxed.

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