Today a customer entered the shop desperate for the sudden arrival of winter. She hastily took off her gloves and showed me her dry and cracked hands due to the continuous alternation between the cold wind and the heat.

·“I ran out of hand cream again, look how dry they are!”

Dry hands at this time of year are very common and if every winter you find yourself in the same situation while continuously nourishing the skin of your hands, but you can't solve the problem, I have some advice that can help you.

When we spread the cream on our hands we must first remove the dead skin . A hand scrub, for example, quickly eliminates the old one! This way we don't even waste the cream because it will be applied directly to the new skin that is already ready to absorb the active ingredients.

Follow my hand scrub routine to get silky smooth skin. Remember: for lasting effectiveness, always choose natural or organic products .

  1. Fill a large bowl with half a liter of tepid water and rub the solid Marseille soap fifteen times with the grater. I usually use the part of the grater that leaves bigger flakes.
  1. Take the Exfoliating Pad with olive pits and stroke both the back and the palm in a circular motion. I make each part of my hand touch the pad three times. I recommend: never be aggressive when using exfoliating sponges!
  1. To avoid redness , dab your hands with a cotton towel.
  1. Take the natural Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream and moisturize the skin by massaging it until completely absorbed.

Let me know in the comments if you've tried my routine and tell me if you like it!

See you next bio discovery,


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