Stop ai capelli grassi dopo un solo lavaggio!

Stop greasy hair after just one wash!

Have you noticed that your hair becomes dirty immediately after washing it? This forces you to wash them more often, but the result doesn't change! This is because the only way hair has to protect itself from external environmental agents, stress and many other factors is PRODUCING SEBUM!

The sebum it is a fat naturally produced by our body which has the function of protecting the scalp and hair, but it is also responsible for the "greasy" effect on our hair if produced in abundance.

So how can you slow down excessive sebum production?

Idea Toscana, with the help of our friend nature, will solve the most common problem for your hair starting from a natural principle:

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, being recognized by our body as sebum-compatible, guarantees the balance of sebum produced in our body and "normalizes" our skin and our scalp.

Our brain, in fact, recognizes it as an integral element produced by our body.

Using a natural shampoo based on extra virgin olive oil , your hair will be gently washed, coated, nourished and protected by gradually slowing down the production of sebum.
In a nutshell, the brain is "fooled" into not needing to produce sebum anymore and the hair will stay cleaner for longer.

Washing your hair less and using a normalizing and natural shampoo will lead to a new state of health for your hair!

Using silicone-free oily hair shampoo, paraben-free shampoo, sls-free shampoo, nickel-free shampoo, our hair will always be stronger. The ranking of shampoos that are normally found in pharmacies, parapharmacies, hairdressers that "work" unfortunately, as you know, are rich in substances harmful to our body.


When you dry your hair with the phone, do you feel an intense smell in the room that lasts a long time even on your hair?

Unfortunately it is the famous silicones, parabens and added perfumes present in the shampoo that when heated give off this intense and pleasant smell, it is the first alarm that makes you understand the low quality of the shampoo.
The hair will also be voluminous, shiny, soft and fragrant, but it's a pity that it's suffocating !!

And what happens if the hair doesn't breathe?

The brain will send the signal to produce sebum and the hair will start getting dirty again quickly!
Here an endless circular mechanism is triggered and every day we will be forced to wash our hair ... just like before ...


What they say about our shampoo, I list some certified reviews of those who use the Prima Spremitura Normalizing Shampoo:

5/5 Review on:Normalizing Shampoo Before Spremitura 500ml dated 01/02/2020
Super convenient, it has now become my shampoo for almost a year. Hair is in perfect health, cleaner for longer and delicately scented. Perfect for me.

5 /5 Review on:Normalizing Shampoo Before Spremitura 500ml dated 01/02/2020
I've been using this shampoo for years now and I feel great. My boyfriend also uses it and I love its perfume as well as the result on the hair. I always stock up.

5 /5 Review on:Normalizing Shampoo Before Spremitura 500ml dated 27/01/2020
I've been using it for months and I've solved problems with irritated skin, perfect I've been using it for years now and I always order more than one pack. The hair remains cleaner for several days and perfumed. I definitely recommend it. Since I tried the shampoo I have not been able to do without it, an organic product based on first choice ingredients.

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