Sonno e benessere e bellezza: sono correlati?

Sleep and well-being and beauty: are they related?

A good night's sleep is the best way to contribute to complete health and total well-being of body and mind, plus it helps preserve the skin and its radiant youth.

Just think that when a person can't sleep enough, lack of sleep is the first sign that emerges on the face with dark circles, more visible wrinkles and dull skin. The solution is simple and is to sleep at least 7 hours a night on a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft . a mattress that offers excellent support suitable for everyone, which correctly follows the curves and pressure points of the body.

During the day you have to defend the skin of the face and body from the aggressive action of external elements such as sun, wind, cold and pollution and for this reason we recommend the use of natural and organic cosmetics, better if they contain Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil , a very nourishing organic ingredient that guarantees protection and hydration. While at night, in addition to using organic face creams, a good rest on a quality and well-structured mattress is essential, preferably breathable and with removable covers, in order not to give up the positive effect that rest has on our cells, did you know that skin cells can regenerate much faster at night?

Don't underestimate rest because in addition to being one of the primary needs, it is essential to achieve the right balance between beauty and well-being and we guarantee that the mattress makes the difference!

Idea Toscana has chosen to collaborate with an innovative start-up in the world of rest, zenO.
zenO is the HIGH TECH MEMORY mattress designed to improve everyone's sleep and is completely made in Italy, with craftsmanship.
A mattress that brings everyone together, which combines state-of-the-art construction and ergonomic technology with a level of support that can adapt to any body size.

Sometimes the pleasure of sleeping as a couple and the well-being of rest can be completely ruined by a wrong choice of mattress. For all those couples with very different physiognomies and weights or with different sleeping needs or preferences, sleeping on a double mattress suitable only for one of the two partners can turn into a real nightmare!

So the choice must fall on ergonomic, extraordinarily comfortable and perfectly elastic mattresses, such as ZenO which is able to give an optimal rest even to couples with very different rest needs, guaranteeing well-being for both partners, night after night and even after many years.


  • 100 trial nights , at the end of which if you have not found any benefit or you did not like the quality of rest you can return the mattress,
  • 30% discount on the purchase of the zenO mattress for Valentine's Day (promotion valid from 10 to 14 February)
  • As a GIFT with all orders, our relaxing Body Oil by Idea Toscana

What to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day?

The zenO mattress that will give you not only a romantic evening dedicated to well-being but a lasting rest over time, thanks to the Idea Toscana Body Oil that you will receive for free, you can offer a massage to your other half, an always welcome gesture that will immerse you in a state of serenity thanks to its relaxing and "spicy" properties.


start by facing each other and let the hands previously sprinkled with Prima Spremitura relaxing oil converse and thus begin a conversation of the senses hand in hand.
During this phase the oil warms up between the fingers which then pass into the areas that catalyze all tensions, such as the neck and shoulders, massaging delicately until the partner abandons them in total contact with caresses.
In the end, skin-on-skin contact generates very strong physical reactions that induce a state of extraordinary well-being.

Thus the combination of a high quality mattress such as the ZenO double mattress and the Prima Spremitura body oil by Idea Toscana together with the desire for intimacy increase the quality of communication and complicity terms which are the basis of every happy couple.

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