Qual è il bagnoschiuma più adatto alla tua pelle? Scopriamolo insieme!

What is the most suitable bubble bath for your skin? Let's find out together!

Choosing a shower gel is important if you want to take care of your skin, but above all if you want it to stay clean and soft for longer. To do this, it is important that the type of cleanser respects your skin type. Have you ever wondered what type of skin you have and if the products you use are compatible with it? The choice falls on mixed, normal or dry skin.

Before going into detail, there is one thing we recommend taking into consideration regardless of skin type and that is to prefer shower gel with a good INCI and free from sls/sles - silicones - parabens - mineral oils - isothiazolinones - artificial colors - synthetic perfumes.

This is regardless of what type of skin you have, because chemicals are known to be not good for the body.

The origins of the bubble bath

The result of a long study in the field of cosmetics, the shower gel that we commonly use today was born and appeared in the 1960s.

The first dates back to ancient Egypt, a civilization in which personal care was considered of great importance. Also to the Egyptians , we owe the invention of the first prototype of the shower, invented precisely as a remedy against impurities, thanks to the use of ointments and emollients which, in contact with water, allowed for proper cleansing .

Subsequently , the ancient Romans began to cultivate a real dedication to personal hygiene; who - after the conquest of Gaul - began to use a soap composed of ash and tallow. Try to guess the last ingredient of this blend? Precisely olive oil, to nourish and soften the skin.

Finally, during the twentieth century, solid soaps were passed to liquid ones and the bubble bath made its first appearance on the market.

To each his own: the ideal bubble bath for you

Each of us has a different skin type, but it is possible to find your own bubble bath if you get to know your body in the right world. We start by standing in front of the mirror with good natural light; and look at us.

If your skin appears to be combination or normal:

you can choose a delicate shower gel , but without particular healing properties but still able to keep the skin hydrated and soft over time

If your skin feels very sensitive or dry:

it is very important to choose detergents that do not contain surfactants and other irritating substances such as parabens or silicones , which irritate and deplete the epidermis. And this is where the need for our skin to use natural or organic products arises, even better if they contain extra virgin olive oil with unique emollient properties, or organic grape juice, able to relieve the discomfort caused by dermatitis, itching and psoriasis and organic extracts of sweet almonds and argan which have a protective and repairing effect suitable for those with very dry skin.

Recommended Natural and Organic Bubble Baths

Organic Silky Shower Gel for Delicate Skin Bio Le Veneri is a silky organic shower gel that hydrates delicate skin thanks to the softness of damask rose and dog rose extracts, making the skin smooth as silk.

Le Veneri Bio Body Wash for delicate and sensitive skin is enriched with coconut milk extract which, thanks to its soothing and softening properties combined with the antioxidant and protective properties of grape juice, help protect the most delicate skin, guaranteeing safety even in frequent washing.

Le Veneri Organic Nourishing Shower Gel for Dry Skin Grape, Almond and Argan Juice Le Veneri BIO Organic Shower Gel, in addition to being extremely nourishing, gently cleanses dry skin thanks to the sweetness of the organic extract of sweet almonds.

Relieves the discomfort caused by dermatitis, itching and psoriasis. Furthermore, it contains organic argan extract which has a protective and repairing effect suitable for those with very dry skin. Le Veneri Bio Shower Gel is suitable for women, men and children. It is a perfumed shower gel thanks to natural essential oils that will make your shower a real pleasure.

Le Veneri Organic Moisturizing Shower Gel with Grape Juice and Aloe Vera - Normal Skin An authentic revolution for body care! The innovative Bio Le Veneri organic shower gel with immediate hydration combines grape juice with aloe vera, resulting in a light and refreshing result. The organic moisturizing shower gel for normal skin is free from sls, sles, silicones, parabens and is designed for the whole family.

The comfortable and safe family format for adults and children, perfectly combines quality and convenience. The natural scent of aloe vera will give the whole family relaxing sensations of serenity.

Prima Spremitura Moisturizing Bath Foam 500ml with Organic "Toscano IGP" Extra Virgin Olive Oil Naturally Delicate. A sensory and olfactory experience in the shower. The fresh blend of natural Essential Oils amplifies the feeling of well-being. Its formula, enriched with precious moisturizing ingredients, transforms the shower ritual into a moment of complete well-being and refreshment, even for the driest skin. The natural formula, enriched with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is designed to respect the hydrolipidic balance of all skin types.

The natural ingredients, of vegetable and organic origin, guarantee maximum effectiveness and delicacy of the entire Prima Spremitura Line, for a feeling of well-being on the skin of the whole family.

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