Pelle delle gambe secca: cosa fare

Dry leg skin: what to do

Have you ever had very dry skin on your legs and felt the need to scratch?

There are several causes that can contribute to dry skin on your legs, but they are all fixable as long as you take the proper precautions. In this article we will explain how to have smooth and silky skin, without having to give up showing off your legs whenever and wherever you want!

The main causes of dry skin

The problem of dry skin is among the most common and spares no one, big or small. If it is not remedied, unfortunately, it can be really annoying and create real discomfort (both physical and emotional).

Often, in fact, if the skin is very red it starts to get irritated and itchy and especially during the summer, sunbathing on an ongoing irritation aggravates the situation even more.

Here are the main reasons that cause dryness in the skin:

  • Dry air: a climate without the right humidity causes a suffocation of the skin by closing the ports and causing flaking
  • Too hot water : our skin has natural oils that protect it every day from external agents that cause stress and damage. Water at too high a temperature eliminates these natural oils and consequently reduces the protective film on the skin.
  • Chemical and very aggressive products: if you are using commercial products containing chemicals (such as Parabens, Silicones, SLES and SLS)
    dry legs you're probably damaging your skin without you realizing it.
    To understand if this is the problem, try eliminating the products you use for a couple of weeks,
    preferring creams with natural and organic ingredients or natural body oils.
  • Age factor: over time the oils naturally present on the skin tend to decrease
    as our body slows down its production. Again, using specific products can help your skin enormously.
  • Low hydration: do you drink enough water? Our body is made up of 60% water:
    if you reduce this percentage by not getting enough water into your body, the skin will undergo this stress causing severe dehydration in the long run. These are the main reasons that cause very dry skin on the legs, as well as major health problems (which, unfortunately, always lead to secondary problems) and an unhealthy diet, lacking in vitamins and foods rich in nutrients.

What to do to improve dry skin on legs

We all want silky smooth skin, 12 months out of 12! As it happens, however, the desire increases in view of the summer ... And we are here for you, in time to give your legs the brightness they deserve! Don't wait for the skin to flake or be really dry, act first by following these tips:

- it's time to say NO to aggressive products you find at the supermarket: love yourself a little more by choosing a specific product for dry skin that is very nourishing.

- drink, drink and drink! There are many apps that remind you to drink with a small message: you will help your body solve many other health problems, as well as giving the whole skin a healthier and brighter appearance.

- Avoid too hot water , and if your skin is very dry also avoid exposing yourself directly to the sun, to avoid rashes and psoriasis.

- Document yourself , through a dermatologist or a store that sells natural products, to understand which is the right product to prevent your skin from becoming too dry. The advice we can give you is to always choose products with highly nutritious ingredients: you will go without fail.

Our bestsellers for dry and/or sensitive skin are:


  • Body butter: to find the right firmness and immediately give nourishment to your skin.
  • Fluid cream : for the daily maintenance of your skin's hydration or as an after-sun after a day of tanning!
  • Body oil: to give your skin all the extra oils it needs and be even more luminous and relaxed.
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