Nuove tendenze capelli primavera estate 2020. Seguile nel modo giusto

New spring summer 2020 hair trends. Follow them in the right way

Do you like to follow the trends on the most alternative hairstyles, colors and cuts for the Spring-Summer 2020 season? Go ahead and use the right products!

We at Idea Toscana did a search on all the various hair and hairstyle trends for the spring summer 2019 season and we found extraordinary hairstyles!

Gypsy hairstyles with rubber bands, bandanas and hair accessories all in gypsy style.

For short hair, tufts and elusive strands cut to fit the face, interpret and enhance femininity in all its infinite nuances

For long hair, what is most popular is the so-called "holiday effect" hair , that is strictly disheveled, tousled, wet from the sea that ruffles the hair with salt.

Hair with a wild and unruly effect will conquer our streets and our holidays throughout the summer

Well, having said that, let's let our hair go crazy, we follow the trends but we always continue to take care of it using the right products!

When I talk about the right products I always refer to natural cosmetics and soaps, products for the well-being of the hair with the best INCI such as the Prima Spremitura shampoo with dermatologically tested Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil "PGI". Does not contain SLS/SLES, PARABENS, SILICONES, MINERAL OILS, ISOTHIAZOLINONES, ARTIFICIAL COLORANTS, SYNTHETIC PERFUMES

In addition to being the shampoo with the best INCI, it eliminates excess sebum and restores the natural balance after a few applications, giving the hair shine, softness and vitality, performing an effective soothing action on the scalp. The innovative blend of non-aggressive surfactants allows curly, straight or treated hair to be washed frequently without damaging it.

After the shampoo we recommend the use of the natural conditioner with the best Inci on the market, that is the Prima spremitura one with a restructuring power.
Thanks to the richness of the formulation, with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the hair will untangle very easily, shining with new shine along its entire length.
It also performs an effective Substantive and Reconditioning action thus helping to prevent unsightly "Split Ends" and giving the hair body and manageability.

After the right treatment we can proceed to mess up, ruffle and give life to the wet, sometimes sleek effect of our hair ... guaranteed result!!!

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