The long-awaited spring has finally arrived. Once the duvets have been placed in the wardrobes and the lighter jackets have been taken out, the time has come for the change of season for our cosmetic products too!

As temperatures rise, we need to start lightening our skin, not only from heavy sweaters, but also from the cosmetics that protected us from the attacks of frost in winter. Indeed, in the heat, they become excessively nutritious and heavy.

So let's replace our beloved night cream with a lighter face cream and implement these 7 simple beauty gestures to renew our skin in Spring!

#1 Exfoliation!

The keyword of Spring is exfoliation! After the cold of winter the skin appears dry and thickened, it needs to be renewed by carrying out the right exfoliation ritual. Replace your normal sponge for bathing and cleansing your face with an exfoliating sponge once or twice a week. In this way you will renew your skin without excessively stressing it.

#2 Cleanse deeply

Never like right now is it important to cleanse the skin deeply. During the winter there are many toxins that have accumulated due to staying indoors for many hours. Now that we have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, it is essential to help our skin purify itself.

To do this, we constantly use specific cleansers for the skin of the face such as micellar water which, with its innovative formula, attracts all impurities leaving the skin completely purified.

#3 Restore balance with tonic

After stressing our skin with scrubs and cleansers, even if natural and delicate, it's time to restore its balance.

If you have oily or combination skin, the use of tonic is essential which, by restoring skin balance, allows you to avoid excessive sebum production as a reaction to the elimination of the hydro-lipid film.

The tonic is also very important for dry and mature skin because it is rich in vital substances for the skin such as antioxidants and toning agents.

#4 The right nourishment and hydration for your skin

As mentioned above, the time has come to gradually replace the night cream which, sometimes in winter you will also have used during the day, with a lighter face cream. Roll it out anyway

your nourishing cream in the evening before going to sleep, especially in the period in which you carry out a greater exfoliation, so as to provide your skin with all the principles it needs to renew itself.

I recommend choosing the best face cream. In fact, as temperatures rise, the pores of the skin open, thus allowing all the harmful ingredients that are present in traditional cosmetics to penetrate deeply! So always choose good organic cosmetics!

# 5 A pampering for your skin: the compress face mask

Have you ever tried face masks in tablets? These are special tissues cut out to adhere to the face and compressed which, immersed in a liquid such as tonic, expand creating a real mask to be applied for a few minutes on the face. They are perfect this season because they allow you to give your skin a brightness never seen before.

#6 Hands and feet on top!

After months covered under gloves and closed shoes, even our hands and feet re-emerge from hibernation. So we certainly can't show them so thickened and cracked! It is urgent to run for cover! Also in this case there are two steps to take:

1. Exfoliation : use exfoliating sponges and pumice stones, perhaps after immersing yourself for a few minutes in warm water and Marseille soap.

2. Hydration : until the skin has recovered its integrity, it will be necessary to help its regeneration by nourishing it with a good hand and foot cream that restores its natural beauty.

#7 A detox cure from within…

Beauty comes from within, in every sense! Never like in spring do we feel the need for a change in nutrition. It is our body's signal to let us know that its needs have changed: it no longer needs nutritious foods to cope with the cold but foods rich in vitamins, mineral salts and liquids to cope with the

first exposure to sunlight.

For this reason, increase the intake of teas, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, so as to hydrate the skin from within and make it luminous. The main allies this season are tomatoes, rich in lycopene, a substance that will help us create a real barrier against harmful UV rays during the summer.

The trend of the moment in terms of detox foods are flavored waters, obtained by adding simple mineral water to fruit, herbs and vegetables to rest in the fridge from 2 to 12 hours, so as to allow all the vitamins to disperse in the liquid. Try adding a few mint leaves and a few slices of lemon and cucumber to your water, you won't regret it!

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