Every summer we want a perfect tan that lasts as long as possible because it represents health, happiness, well-being and beauty for us during the summer.

But how is it done?

PROTECTING YOURSELF from the sun's rays is the key!

How many times have you been told to protect yourself from the sun's rays? Over time, we have acquired awareness of the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause to our skin, in fact there are more and more types of sunscreens on the market to protect us during exposure, but it is equally important to use excellent after-sun products based on certified and safe natural ingredients, which can allow our skin to regenerate itself after a day exposed to the sun .

Before the show in the sun make sure you have applied the protective cream all over the body, being careful to use creams with greater protection in the most sensitive areas such as the lips, ears, nose and eye area. Indeed, these are the parts to which less attention is paid but which are more exposed.

After a relaxing day, you will no longer feel the annoying burning of your skin, but you will feel the need to moisturize it to avoid feeling tight during the following days. T he secret to keeping your tan longer is hidden in the actions to be taken at the end of the day. Returning from the sea, a shower is essential to wash off the salt and sun products. The filters inside the sunscreen do not moisturize the skin, they only have the function of protecting it by creating a small barrier, but if you use a commercial cream that does not contain natural elements it tends to dehydrate the epidermis even more.

After rinsing yourself carefully, finish your shower with a nice jet of cold water to close the scales of your hair and tone your skin.

And here we are at the most important moment: apply a body cream with extra virgin olive oil all over the body. If you don't have it yet, add two teaspoons of oil to the cream you are using and wait to see the effect…

You will have a golden and luminous skin and above all for a very long time!

By adding extra virgin olive oil to your cream you allow it, aided by the emulsion, to penetrate the epidermis, carrying out its elasticising and nourishing action more deeply and restoring the physiological balance compromised by exposure to the sun.

It is no coincidence that, for ancient peoples, the olive tree was a symbol of immortality, in our case of our beloved tan!

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