Igiene intima in estate: i consigli per migliorarla

Intimate hygiene in summer: tips to improve it

Rules for proper intimate hygiene in the summer

The desire for the sea, summer and freedom begins to be felt already in the months leading up to the summer. And the desire for light-heartedness is not lacking: that light air that characterizes the first weekends by the sea, when the only purpose is to get a tan and rest in the sun on the beach.

However, especially during this period, it is important to pay particular attention to intimate hygiene, especially when it comes to feminine hygiene. There are some precautions to keep in mind, to keep your private parts healthy and enjoy a summer without annoying problems.

Here are the rules for proper intimate hygiene in the summer

Don't worry, there is a solution to everything. But prevention really is better than cure! Just follow a few rules on a daily basis and use the best products for your intimate health to avoid fungus, candida and annoying irritations.

Prima Spremitura intimate soap with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil travel size

  1. SWIMSUIT CHANGE: The first point is certainly to change your swimsuit often, especially if it is wet. The reason lies in the fact that the humidity typical of the summer months increases the risk of fungi and urinary tract infections, which is why in the summer it is necessary to pay more attention to the health of the private parts.
  2. COMFORTABLE UNDERWEAR: Avoid synthetic fabrics. On the other hand, he favors cotton fabrics, to let the intimate parts breathe and limit bacterial proliferation. Wearing clothes that are too tight is also not recommended if you are prone to frequent infections.
  3. AVOID DIRECT CONTACT WITH SAND: In fact, sand is a great vehicle for bacteria and fungi. If sand comes into contact with intimate areas, wash immediately with fresh water.
  4. CHOOSE THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR INTIMATE HEALTH: the choice of cleansing product for the care of your intimate areas makes the difference: each product has a different formulation, for this reason it is important to prefer a natural intimate soap

Prima Spremitura intimate soap with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil travel size

An intimate cleanser with natural ingredients, microbiologically tested, which respects the physiological skin balance of intimate areas such as the Prima Spremitura delicate intimate soap it is the ideal solution for personal hygiene in the summer. This intimate cleanser is made with oleic soap and natural essential oils, balanced with rich natural ingredients such as Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil , which has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and makes Idea Toscana intimate soap a perfect natural antibacterial .

The choice of intimate soap is important: take care of your well-being with natural products, choose Idea Toscana

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