CURA DELLE MANI: semplici ma importanti consigli

HAND CARE: simple but important advice

Admit it: you've never washed your hands as frequently as these days! Best of all, hand sanitizer is officially your best friend. However, the skin absorbs all the disinfectants and chemical ingredients contained in the products you use, and can only suffer from them.

Excessive dryness, redness, cracks and flaky nails are the first consequence. visible on your hands.

In the dedicated article " how much and how to wash your hands you can discover all the best natural soaps perfect for your skin, where we also recommend the use of the best natural soaps


“After washing, adequate hydration is essential. Hand care is even more important in these months and it is therefore good to avoid biting your nails and the cuticles around your fingers to avoid the formation of infections. Finally, use emollient and protective creams on a daily basis.

During the washing phase , we tend not to pay attention to the composition of the detergent, thus risking using highly degreasing and irritating products for the skin of the hands, which is already sensitive in itself. Above all, you don't pay attention to your skin's needs because you don't know its personal needs.
In doing so, the natural hydrolipidic film that covers the epidermis is gradually damaged and the hands find themselves weakened and particularly sensitive to external aggressions, since their natural defensive barrier has been compromised.
This situation, in addition to the lack of natural moisturizing factors, makes the skin of the hands prone to cracking and redness.

In the light of what has been said so far, we can say that hand care already begins with cleansing, for this reason the use of natural soaps is essential, such as the Prima Spremitura liquid soap dispenser with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


For hand care it is necessary to regularly apply moisturizing, nourishing and protective creams: the regular use of these products is also important to keep the hydrolipidic film intact and to avoid altering the natural barrier function of the skin.

We recommend natural hand products enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E which help prevent the unpleasant phenomenon of skin dryness, keeping the skin of the hands soft and compact for a long time.

In addition to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil we remember the power of the organic Rose extracts . The active ingredients such as the natural essential oils of Rosa Damascena and Centifolia have a moisturizing and refreshing power and help to counteract and prevent skin dryness. The soothing Rosa Canina with elasticizing power helps prevent skin aging.

You can find these extraordinary active ingredients in the Prima Fioritura Hands line such as the Hand Butter and the Nail and Cuticle Mask Natural cosmetics for hands capable of nourishing and hydrating even the driest hands without weighing them down. But above all, they are non-greasy and have an immediate beneficial effect: skin that is immediately more velvety, relaxed, compact and fragrant, just like a rose petal.

There Nourishing hand and nail cream Prim a Spremitura with Organic "Toscano PGI" Extra Virgin Olive Oil , a light, rapidly absorbed emulsion that creates a thin protective film without leaving any greasy residue. Ideal for preventing redness and cracking. Even the most fragile and damaged nails will benefit from the richness of the formulation, returning to being beautiful, smooth and strong in a short time.

Prima Fioritura hand butter Organic rose extracts , Protects and Nourishes with natural essential oils of centifolia and damascena rose and with organic damascena and canine rose extracts. Perfect for Nourishing and hydrating even the driest skin without weighing it down. Not greasy. Immediate beneficial effect: skin immediately more velvety, relaxed, compact and fragrant, like a rose petal. The roses in the Tuscan hills embrace the rows of vines, so the Prima Fioritura line will pamper your skin. Immerse yourself in its enveloping scent and indulge in small moments of natural well-being.

Prima Fioritura nail and cuticle mask Organic rose extracts strengthen and revitalize: perfect for giving life and strengthening nails. Deeply nourishes and softens the skin and cuticles even in preparation for the manicure.
We recommend applying three times a week, massaging gently until completely absorbed. For an intense beauty treatment, apply in the evening before going to sleep. Before the manicure, remove all traces of nail polish and apply to the cuticles to soften them.

Ideal is also the use of natural butters and oils such as shea butter and cocoa butter capable of restoring the right tone and elasticity to the hands. Hand butters such as Prima Spremitura melting butter whose formula, rich in precious oils, respects and restores the normal hydrolipidic balance, performs a protective and moisturizing action on the skin, making the tissues more elastic, luminous and well cared for.

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