CURA DELLA PELLE DEL TUO BIMBO: cosa fare e cosa evitare

SKIN CARE FOR YOUR BABY: what to do and what to avoid

Let's dispel the false myths about some common habits and choose only natural products

The skin is not a simple covering, but the largest organ we have. And that of children is definitely very delicate. It is therefore essential to avoid products that can alter the normal pH and create irritation.
Then there are some clichés about children's skin care that must be debunked: no
talcum powder, too frequent baths and products that contain synthetic perfumes, especially all those so-called "for children" which in reality do not give guarantees in terms of quality.

In fact, experts are questioning some very common habits among mothers. Let's see them in detail:

Bath every day? Better not.
If done every day, it stresses children's skin unnecessarily, which has to take many important steps, such as structuring its defense. The situation is made worse by washing babies several times a day, with every diaper change, or even using aggressive cleaning products.

Daily cleansing should only be done on certain parts of the body: face, hands, feet and intimate areas; exclusively with natural products, based on olive oil or vegetable milk and above all, free of petrochemical substances.

What about talcum powder during the diaper change?
Not yet. It can be replaced with some more natural powder, based on starch or bran, but not always. Maybe when it's very hot, but we must bear in mind that children sweat more, and therefore an occlusive substance is not recommended.

Detergents, perfumes and wipes?
Avoid perfumes for children that could create irritation or allergies. Also watch out for wipes, especially if they contain harmful substances deriving from petroleum.

The products to be preferred are always those of natural origin, free of parabens, silicones and synthetic perfumes.

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