Let's keep in mind that Valentine's Day is every day, or so it should be. Today's routine and pace of life often prevent us from giving our partner all the attention he deserves. Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world, to allow us, at least for one day, to dedicate to our lover all the time he deserves.

However you want to spend Valentine's Day at home or away, you will surely find, among our 9 proposals + 1 (dedicated to you singles) , the right idea to celebrate Valentine's Day in an original way.

1. Rediscover the lost feeling with a couple's massage

We know that, after years of living together, routine can make even the most fiery love cool down. The perfect occasion to rekindle the flame is Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter going to expensive wellness centers to get a nice massage: a few lit candles and a scented oil will create the perfect atmosphere to relax together with your partner.

Give him a light massage, using the palms of your hands and making wide and long movements. This type of massage is well suited for the back, buttocks and thighs.

But besides the hands there is more, if you want to spice up your massage, use the whole body.

2. Cook together

There's nothing that reminds you better of how great a team you are than cooking something together. In the kitchen , understanding and dialogue are needed if you don't want to make a mess, or worse, set the kitchen on fire!

It doesn't matter being a skilled chef , even preparing an omelette can be fun. The important thing is to collaborate! Better if it's a new recipe, to learn and experiment together.

3. Switch roles

Who said it has to be the man to organize the Valentine's dinner? It can be fun to let the woman organize everything for once. Hide a note in your jacket pocket in which you give him an appointment in a certain place, it can be a restaurant or the place where you met; you will surely surprise him!

4. Movie night

Recreate the atmosphere of a cinema in your home; prepare popcorn, drinks and sweets and a good movie . Strive for one evening to indulge his tastes. Do you always stop him from seeing action movies? Hate romantic movies but she would watch Notting Hill every night? For one evening allow him to see that comic film that is too crazy for you and that you have always refused to watch, you will surely make your partner happy and who knows if you will get some laughs too!

5. Valentine's Day with the kids

Valentine's Day is the day of lovers but who said it should be dedicated only to your partner? It can in fact be a great opportunity to spend a different day with the family . You could prepare beautiful cards together with drawings that depict the good you love, or cook sweet heart-shaped shortbread cookies; a quick and easy recipe in which even the little ones can participate, for example by giving them the task of cutting out the dough with the molds.

6. Treasure hunt

If you have already found the perfect gift to make the person you love the most happy, you have to let them find it in the best possible way. Organize a small treasure hunt , sending him some clues by message during the day or by writing notes. The important thing is that the clues refer him to important moments in your relationship or to small anecdotes that only you know.

7. Time travel

Especially if your relationship has lasted for many years, it can be fun to relive the first moments of your life together by booking in the place where you had your first date or where you celebrated your first Valentine's Day. You will definitely awaken romance and the passion of your early days.

8. DIY Coupons

Create small cards where you write “special offers” for a massage, an aphrodisiac dinner or breakfast in bed, all made by you, to show your special someone how much you care about them.

9. Blindfold dinner

Cook a special dinner by including a secret ingredient in each dish . Don't tell your partner what it is and blindfold them. If he guesses the secret ingredient he will be able to eat and pass his turn, otherwise he will have to take a sip of wine or beer. You will finish dinner between laughter and happiness.

10. Valentine's Day for singles

Who said single people can't celebrate Valentine's Day? This party can be an opportunity to celebrate someone you really love, yourselves! Treat yourself to some beauty pampering such as manicures, pedicures, face masks and gestures of love for your skin, to do alone or why not, together with your single friends . Not only will you relax and have fun, but you will also feel more beautiful!

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