We want to explain how chemicals and in particular silicones and sulphates affect the frequency with which you have to wash your hair and the damage they cause. Find out how important it is to eliminate these substances from your shampoo and change your routine by focusing on natural cosmetics. What will you learn by reading this post? We will explain what the effects of sulphates and silicones are on hair, and what are the advantages of using a 100% natural and organic shampoo.


What are silicones?
Silicones are polymers, i.e. large groups of silicon molecules combined with oxygen, which can be used for various uses (contact lenses, oven moulds, insulators, etc.). But that's not all, because they are also used in most conventional cosmetics and are not biodegradable.

What function do they have in a shampoo?
Silicones create a superficial barrier on the hair, which prevents contact with the outside. As a result, after the shower they look soft and silky smooth. However, this effect is absolutely artificial, as it does not reflect the health of the hair at all, nor does it contribute in any way to maintaining it.

What effects do they have on hair?
These substances prevent the skin and hair from breathing, hindering the natural regeneration of cells. Over time, their hydrophobic property dries out the hair, preventing water and nutrients from penetrating it. Prolonged use of a conventional shampoo causes a build-up of silicones on the hair which ends up weighing it down and getting dirty faster and faster. Over time you can therefore notice a decrease in volume and a feeling of heaviness in the hair.


What are sulfates?
Sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid which, when combined with other compounds, such as lauryl alcohol or sodium carbonate, create sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). These are chemical surfactant agents used to cleanse and eliminate sebum, since they have the property of making fats soluble in water.

What function do they have in a shampoo?
The function of sulphates is to eliminate impurities, dirt and sebum from the scalp and hair. Their high cleaning power, combined with their low price, mean that they are present in practically all conventional shampoos.

What effects do they have on hair?
It is precisely this high cleansing power that causes their continuous use to dehydrate and weaken the hair, in many cases ending up irritating the scalp. The complete elimination of sebum from the hair deprives the scalp of its natural protection. As a result, the hair produces more sebum to compensate for this forced elimination, making the hair more greasy.


The combination of these two compounds causes the hair to become damaged. Since sulphates make hair dry, silicones are added to conventional products to ensure softness. A large amount of silicones, however, causes the hair to get dirty faster, so you need to wash it more often. Thus we enter a vicious circle that does not allow them to grow in a healthy way.

What do you notice when you replace a shampoo that contains silicones and sulphates with a natural one?

This is undoubtedly the most frequently asked question when you want to change your washing routine. We explain it to you step by step.

  • phase 1: before starting a detox treatment, the hair will be completely covered in silicones. Inside it is possible that they are dry and dull, due to the aggressiveness of the sulphates and the hydrophobic nature of the silicones.
  • Phase 2: Once they begin to free themselves from silicones, hair will feel frizzy after washing . This is the usual detox process in which the hair appears natural, without the silicones on which it depended by now. This is the moment and the way we tell our hair that it's time to function naturally. Don't worry about frizz, you can beat it with a natural conditioner if needed.
  • phase 3: after two or three weeks of using the natural shampoo, you will notice much healthier, smoother and more voluminous hair, since there will no longer be silicones to weigh it down.
  • phase 4: over the months your hair will regain its physiological functions. You will notice that they will look healthier and more natural , will be brighter, grow stronger and stay cleaner for longer.

If you have finally decided to free your hair from chemicals, search the market for certified natural and organic products that combine naturalness with performance.

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