Come proteggere i capelli dal sole in estate

How to protect your hair from the sun in summer

Discover the perfect product to improve the health of your hair naturally

Taking care of your skin is always important, but in the sun you need to take even more precautions. However, hair also needs attention and care, especially during beach holidays.

Hair and UV Rays

Have you ever wondered why split ends appear more at the end of summer?
This happens when hair dries out after too much sun exposure. In fact, sunlight damages the layers of keratin (a protein present in 80% of the hair structure) and attacks the amino acids of the hair shaft, ruining the hair more and more.

UV rays are harmful not only for the hair because they make its entire internal structure fragile, but also for the balance of the scalp, since the skin of the head is very sensitive and needs greater protection.

This is why the use of a scarf or a hat is recommended if you have to stay for a long time in areas with excessive direct exposure.

How to protect your hair from the sun with the right habits

Clearly, there are some tricks to prevent typical hair problems in the summer. To keep your hair healthy, follow these tips:
  1. NO to too tight hairstyles and fine elastic bands. YES to soft collected hair and low tails!
  2. NO to too frequent washing. If your hair seems to be constantly dirty and you feel the need to wash it often, you're probably using the wrong products. Prefer sebum-compatible products with natural ingredients, such as Prima Spremitura shampoo, which helps to normalize the hair and reduce its washing.
  3. Always rinse the entire hair after each swim in the sea , to eliminate the saltiness and prevent it from settling on the hair for too long. In fact, excess salt on the hair dries it out and makes it frizzy.
  4. Avoid using the hair dryer when you can . Your hair will thank you, and with all the sun in these hot months, naturally drying can certainly also be the solution to save money!
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The right product to protect hair from the sun in a natural way

Follow one hair care routine it certainly helps your hair to get used to the products you use for their care. However, the choice of products should never be left to chance.

This is because the suggestions we have given you above are just some healthy habits to follow, but you need to combine them with right product to further protect your hair from the sun in the summer and prevent it from appearing too dull and brittle.

In fact, to best preserve the brilliance of the natural color it is essential to strengthen the hair with nourishing products, which allow you to protect it from the lightening effects of the sun and avoid the classic dryness of the scalp typical of returning from the sea.

Natural hair restructuring conditioner with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prima Spremitura by Idea Toscana

Prima Spremitura restructuring hair conditioner is your ally for the summer, both for its performance on the hair and for its convenient 100ml travel format.
The name is proof of this: its goal is to deeply restructure the most damaged hair starting from the ends, i.e. the part of the hair that dries the sun the most.

But now let's answer your question: why is this conditioner really the right product to protect your hair from the sun in the summer?

The Prima Spremitura restructuring hair conditioner contains within it a powerful ingredient: the Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil , rich in emollients and nutritional properties suitable for preventing the formation of split ends and improving the resistance of the keratin fibers naturally present in the hair.

A daily use of this conditioner – especially when the hair is subjected to constant exposure to the sun and interactions with sand and salt – helps maintain the natural shine of the hair and protect the hair fiber. In this way, your hair will not be dry and wasted at the end of the holiday!

Natural restructuring conditioner for damaged hair : the 3 uses you need to know

Buy the best Prima Spremitura normalizing natural shampoo with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This product may appear to be a simple conditioner, but in reality the natural ingredients of vegetable and organic origin allow you to use it in at least three different ways.

  1. Use it in the shower for about 2/3 minutes only on the ends, then pass the comb and detangle your hair easily!
  2. Make a full mask: condition all hair with conditioner and hold it in place for 20 minutes with a towel. Then wash your hair normally with the right natural shampoo .
  3. It's great on damp hair as a conditioner , to reinvigorate the ends and make the hair shinier even on the beach or away from home.
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