Beauty guaranteed with healthy and shiny hair.
How can we protect them, keeping them strong, silky and shiny in this period that puts our hair to the test?
We are in the period of "fire". Our hair will have to fight against: UV rays, salt and/or chlorine after swimming in the sea or in the pool, sweat and mechanical stress caused by doing and redoing the best hairstyle a thousand times a day to feel as cool as possible.

A straw or cotton hat guarantees excellent protection; if combined with specific sun lotions to protect themselves from UV rays, you will not have oxidizing reactions caused by the latter, the hair will not burn and will not lose vigor.

Take the same care both before and after being exposed to the sun , products that protect hair from the sun's rays are not natural and if used for long periods they can dehydrate and damage them.

For this reason, immediately after returning from the beach or the pool, use natural cosmetic products that have an excellent nutrient as an active ingredient such as extra virgin olive oil which eliminates excess sebum and restores the natural balance after a few applications, giving the hair shine, softness and vitality , performing an effective soothing action on the scalp.

After washing the hair is compact, in good condition and easy to comb. The beauty and usefulness of natural shampoos formulated with this type of active ingredient is that they can be used for frequent uses even on fragile hair.

Never like in summer do we need to cleanse our hair and at the same time protect and nourish it.
Very important!
Washing must always be done twice, the first shampoo will remove dirt while the second will deeply nourish the hair. Use lukewarm water, and then finish with cold water in order to close the scales, obtaining smoother and shinier hair.

The cause of damaged hair is almost always using the wrong product!
Pay attention to the INCI! (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients). Most of the shampoos and conditioners that we find on the market are silicone products. These types of products initially seem to make the hair shinier and softer but in reality with their use, a "coating film" forms which occludes it, preventing the absorption of nutrients and thus making it increasingly dry and dull.

The sweetness of extra virgin olive oil will accompany us, protecting us in the most beautiful and carefree period of the year.

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