Che differenza c’è tra un burro, una crema e un olio?

What is the difference between a butter, a cream and an oil?

You've probably always wondered the difference between one cream, an oil and a butter , thinking that in the end all products are the same.
We are here to tell you that unfortunately this is not the case, and using a product that is not suitable for your skin type can make you waste time and money on useless products and even make the situation worse.
You must know that the difference between one compound and another is very important.

The perfect product for your skin: it does exist!

First, to understand which product you need, it is important to know the ideal texture for your skin.
Once the need has been identified according to the type of skin, one must be clear on the difference between butter, oil and cream.
When dealing with these 3 products we are talking about vegetable fats , i.e. compounds that derive from the extraction of natural processes (or chemical ones, but this is not our case).
Vegetable fats can be butters (presented in a solid state) or oils , more or less heavy according to the needs of the skin and the formulation they contain.

The creams, on the other hand, are emulsions created from two substances that would never be together (oil and water) but which, with the use of specific properties, manage to bind and create a creamy substance. The "fat" part is determined by the percentage of the lipid part inside, making the product more or less heavy.

In fact, fluid creams are suitable for those who love a light and easily absorbed texture, to leave a feeling of freshness.

Our Prima Spremitura fluid cream has precisely the objective of stretching the skin, and is widely recommended as after sun thanks to its formulation. And not only that: it doesn't contain chemicals, so it's perfect for all skin types!

Difference in use between butters, oils, creams

For those who suffer from skin dryness - and above all suffers from chilblains - these are the products that we strongly recommend to solve any type of problem.

If you want to obtain a moisturizing and elasticizing effect – to relax the skin texture – it is more suitable the use of an oil that has its function of softening the skin. In this case, massage two or three drops with your hands and once you get some heat, apply it to the affected area, after a shower or before going to sleep.

The real secret of using a oil with natural ingredients such as olive oil is that it is also perfect for those with oily skin, precisely because of the ability of this ingredient to be sebum-regulating. Therefore, if "similar drives similar", an oil is more suitable for oily skin than dry skin.

Prima Spremitura relaxing body oil it was created precisely with the function of hydrating and toning the skin without greasing it, making it soft and smooth. The "relaxing" effect is given by the blend of Natural Essential Oils, which amplifies the feeling of well-being and freshness on the body.

The use of a cream, however, allows you to prevent dryness and blemishes on the skin when used on a daily basis. In this period, for example, due to the cold, hands and lips are the first to suffer.

Our nourishing hand and nail cream it was created to protect and strengthen the hands and is suitable for all skin types, to homogenize the sebum and make it stable.

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