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A cosa serve l’olio corpo e a cosa serve il burro corpo

What is body oil for and what is body butter for

You still don't know the answer to this question or you've never really asked yourself: what is body oil and body butter used for?

The reason why you can't give yourself an answer is because you've probably always used the cream and you've never fully known these two products.

Few use butter and oil: first of all, because there are few valid products on the market that you can find, but above all you have always thought that they are oily and poorly absorbent cosmetics, perhaps not suitable for your skin type. We dedicate this article to you, to let you discover the potential of two wonderful products and the benefits that your skin can derive from them.

The Body Butter : properties and ingredients

Idea Toscana relaxing natural body oil with extra virgin olive oil We have chosen to create a body butter because our Prima Spremitura line couldn't be missing : the benefits of a butter are many and we are committed to letting you try them all and for the whole body. The skin needs to be nourished and regulated in all its parts and it is often difficult to find the time to take care of yourself, but above all there are too many products on the market: you risk getting confused and not knowing exactly what to choose for your well-being. Our goal was to create a unique and perfect product for face, hands and body: a melting body butter with Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

In this way all the possible benefits deriving from a butter can be used for people's well-being.

But why use a butter and not a cream?

Butters ensure nourishment and deeper hydration, but above all they contain less water than normal creams, with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Contrary to what one might think, butter is absorbed immediately thanks to the heat of the skin and thanks to its density it better protects the hydrolipidic film, i.e. the thin layer that covers the skin made up of water and sebum which acts as a barrier against external agents.

Precisely for this reason it is a super suitable product for the winter: thanks to its highly protective action, the body butter is perfect for dry skin and to protect against chilblains.

The Prima Spremitura melting body butter it performs all the normal functions of a butter but does much more: in addition to protecting the skin, it completely hydrates it thanks to its main active ingredient, Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP.

You will find many olive oil creams on the market, which are very different from our products, because olive oil is in itself very fat and tends to weigh down cosmetics a lot.

Our body butter, like the entire Prima Spremitura line is produced with verified certifications that guarantee the PGI quality of our oil and certify its quality. This is why our products are so functional: they contain an ingredient of the highest value, which nourishes, is non-greasy and deeply hydrates the skin.

The Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP has extraordinary antioxidant properties and protects the skin from aging , as well as regulating the sebum production system of our skin in a natural way and therefore helping it in its natural hydration.

It is the perfect ingredient if you have very dry or irritated skin you will solve, in many cases, serious problems of dermatitis and psoriasis.

With the union of lavender essential oil contained in our Prima Spremitura melting body butter, the repairing action of soothing, hydrating and nourishing dry and chapped skin is strengthened.

Body oil : a winning ally against stress and dry skin

Idea Toscana relaxing natural body oil with extra virgin olive oil

Have you ever used a body oil with natural ingredients?

The our relaxing body oil is a product designed to combine two factors: do-it-yourself relaxation and pure well-being for the skin.

When you think of an oil something greasy and greasy comes to mind, but in this case it is not. First of all, you need to prepare your skin.

Body oil is not a product to be applied whenever you want: cold skin, in fact, has a hard time absorbing the product and this will be useless if it doesn't go deep into it to nourish it.

How to use the oil on the body?

First, take a nice, warm shower or bath. Relax: take a moment for yourself, just for you! After a few minutes, apply two or three drops of oil on your hands and spread them on damp skin. You will see that the product will be absorbed much faster thanks to the well-opened pores of the skin: in this way your skin will be nourished and will benefit from all the natural ingredients of the body oil, without oozing the product.

Remember, however, that for optimal functioning you will need to use the product frequently : in this way your skin will be truly nourished.

Here's a little beauty tip: use our relaxing body oil in the summer as an after-sun to maintain your tan, it will last longer and stand out on your skin, giving it an extra touch of natural light.

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