Che benefici hanno gli oli essenziali su di noi?

What benefits do essential oils have on us?

Effects and properties of essential oils

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy?
This practice employs the essential oils in order to achieve pure well-being both physically and emotionally.
Essential oils are natural compounds of plant origin: also known as "essences", they are characterized by the presence of volatile substances at room temperature which give the product different smells and fragrances. This natural therapy was discovered in the early 1900s, but the benefits of essential oils have been known since Ancient Egypt, where the healing power of plants for spirit and body was found on papyri as a symbolic belief for harmonizing human beings.

In which part of the plant are essential oils produced?

Essential oils are produced by distillation from many plants. Once distilled, these essences can be divided into two generic families of plants.

Indeed, there are two types of essential oils:

  • Essential oils produced by specialized structures of the plant resulting release outside of the plant itself: In this case, the essences attract pollinating insects.
  • Essential oils produced and afterwards accumulated in specialized structures of the plant present in different parts of the plant itself near the surface. For example, in leaves, fruits or peels; in still others they may be inside the flowers.
Aromatherapy natural essential oils

garlic essential oils various properties are recognized, difficult to list as each essence presents own characteristics bestow upon it by its particular composition.
Knowing the structure of the plant where the essential oil is contained is necessary in order to proceed with its extraction correctly.

Here are the main benefits on the body deriving from essential oils:

  • Essential oils and mood: some essential oils are able to interfere with the mood and sensations of the individual on a nervous level. The volatile substances present in the essence can induce a real sensation of well-being.
  • Essential oils and digestion: some essential oils contain terpenic compounds (for example: menthol, geraniol, etc.) which, due to their irritating capacity, in contact with the mucous membranes of the stomach, directly stimulate the production of a greater quantity of gastric juice and help in digestion.
  • Essential oils and breathing: several essential oils contain some ingredients with anti-inflammatory and liberating activities, such as eucalyptol in eucalyptus essential oil, menthol in peppermint essential oil, etc. These ingredients are essential to naturally release the mucous membranes and bronchi, allowing the release of mucus and phlegm and clearing the respiratory tract. It is no coincidence that the so-called "suffumi" are made with the use of essential oils of this type.

Blends of Essential Oils, where to find them:

Antonio Pieri owner and perfumer of Idea Toscana

The blends of essential oils by Idea Toscana they represent true well-being achieved through the power of nature. But why did we want to create a blend?
The benefits of multiple ingredients combined from them are amplified, and the union of certain components present in the oils makes them considerably more beneficial. Of course, this depends on what you are researching.

If your purpose is to recreate a moment of pure well-being , le  essential oil blends I am what you are looking for. To be used inside an electric aroma diffuser, these blends will create a magical moment of relaxation even at home.

Otherwise, to perfume your body in a natural way, these blends are a panacea for the skin: by performing a circular movement with two or three drops of essential oil blend in the right points, you will give a pleasant sensation to the whole body.

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