Come si spalma la crema sulle mani

How to spread the cream on your hands

Here are some useful tips on how to have perfect hands naturally

Surely you happen to take for granted the way you apply the cream on your hands to make it absorb properly and allow it to act as it should. Often, the texture of the skin can also change due to external agents and depending on the season it encounters different problems, but the hands are the most delicate part as they are exposed all day to different and often irritating products:

Don't worry: if you're wondering why the skin of your hands changes, we confirm that it's more than normal to have dry skin, cracks and chilblains!

With a few simple steps you can solve all kinds of problems, you just need to know how to apply cream on your hands in the right way.


When you notice that your hands are very dry or not very hydrated, you can follow these steps to apply the cream on your hands correctly.

  1. Choose the cream best suited to your skin : we recommend using an organic product, for example the nourishing hand and nail cream from the prima spremitura range it is perfect for sensitive skin prone to dryness
  2. Warm up your hands gently with a circular massage. If they're cold, run them under hot water for a few seconds.
    This step is very important because the heat allows the cream to act even more deeply on the skin.
  3. Take your cream and apply a small knob of product on the back of one hand . rub the cream with a circular massage and wait for it to absorb.
  4. Now make sure you do pass the cream through the fingers , passing one hand inside the other
  5. Finally, move on to the palms with light pressure movements from the bottom of the fingers towards the wrists: in this way you facilitate the absorption of the cream in depth and stimulate the circulation of the hands


90% of people apply hand cream starting from the palm. There are many well-known blog and magazine articles that will advise you to start from the palm, but in reality you must know that it is the back of the hand that is the most exposed part and most frequently subject to dryness and redness. The palm, on the other hand, hardly loses moisture and needs to be nourished.

Another serious mistake is to make daily use of products with unclear INCI: choose one cream rich in natural and organic ingredients it will allow you not only to avoid problems due to the use of chemical products, but also to take care of your skin and prevent any type of skin dryness and redness.


Here are some creams that can help keep your skin nourished and soft in the right way.


This cream represents a best-selling product of Idea Toscana, because it is a biological and natural product and is sebum compatible; therefore, it adapts to and deeply nourishes all skin types.

Its natural scent makes it perfect for daily application and to give your hands the well-being they deserve.


When we talk about "butter" we always think of a heavy consistency that is difficult to absorb. In reality, the first bloom hand butter is designed to give softness to the skin and quickly absorb its natural ingredients. It is mainly indicated for dry skin prone to cracking due to its soothing and moisturizing action.

Inside it is rich in natural ingredients such as shea butter, which allows you to regenerate the skin and give it elasticity and softness, or vegetable glycerin, a 100% natural ingredient that helps maintain the right level of skin hydration.

The scent of this hand butter gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness: the three roses contained within it - damask rose, centifolia, canina - give the skin a rose garden scent in bloom, romantic, sweet and elegant.

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